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Our products and services

It's official. According to Ofcom we've got the fastest widely available broadband in the UK. It's all down to our network of fibre optic cables, the fastest and most reliable way for us to bring broadband into your home.

Our up to 152Mb broadband is a whopping 19x faster than regular broadband, which means everyone in your house can get online at the same time. Better still, with Virgin Broadband there are no caps and no hidden charges so you can download and browse as much as you like. There’s even no need for a phone line if you don’t want one.

With 200+ channels, including 34+ in HD, there's plenty to see on Virgin TV too. From much loved Sky channels to 3D movies and live pay per view events, Virgin TV is bursting with the latest and greatest TV.

TV On Demand is one of the really special things about Virgin TV. There are hundreds of great shows and films just waiting for you to watch, whether you’re looking for half an hour’s great entertainment or a stack of films for a movie night in. There's no waiting and no downloading – just sit back, relax and press play, fast forward, pause and rewind just like a DVD – you say what's on and when.

With our Virgin Media TiVo® service you can effortlessly find your favourite programmes, discover brand new ones and set them to remote record online from anywhere in the world. Our amazing 1TB TiVo box records around 500 hours of standard TV or around 100 hours of HD TV. We think it's by far and away the best way to watch TV. Ever.

Meanwhile, Virgin TV Anywhere lets you take your Virgin TV package wherever you go, giving you the freedom to enjoy live TV, catch up on the shows you missed and control your TiVo® even when you’re not at home on your laptop, PC, Mac, laptop, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (with an Android version in the pipeline).

We believe there’s nothing quite like having a good long natter on your home phone. That's why all our home phone talk plans include calls to landlines, 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobile numbers. What’s more, you choose Talk Unlimited Extra you’ll get unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines, all UK mobiles, 0845 and 0870 numbers and free calls to Virgin Media Directory Enquires (118 180) as well. Blimey!

If you’re part of the Virgin Media family you can get tasty extras with Virgin Mobile for no extra charge such as unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin Mobile numbers, money off your monthly bill and even mobile insurance if you buy a Pay Monthly phone.

And thousands of businesses and public sector organisations around the country are using Virgin Media’s network too. The dedicated service teams of Virgin Media Business deliver far more than just high speed connectivity. Councils, schools, hospitals and companies both large and small are being powered by our fibre optic backbone to Britain.