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One year onů

14 November 2011

One year onů

We launched our new approach to sustainability reporting exactly a year ago, doesn't time fly...


Katie Buchanan

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Last year we set out to bring our sustainability story to life and reach a much broader audience. The way we approached this was to put what we're good at as a company, digital entertainment, at the heart of how we tell our story. We wanted to get the best out of what digital has to offer in helping us make fun, relevant and informative content. And we made the commitment not to print any more big reports.

The main idea that underpins our approach to content is 'show not tell'. We've found that digital helps us do that in really interesting ways, we can literally show what's going on behind the scenes and perhaps more importantly, the people that are helping to make our business more sustainable. But that doesn't mean we've forgotten about the basics of reporting, for example we've got more data than ever before on our site.

And what a year we've had! Some of my personal highlights include:

- Empowering and involving over 100 employees to help show how we're becoming a more sustainable business. We've made a range of people the star of the show, from our CEO to our installers on the road and we've had a lot of fun doing so.

- Seeing our CEO squeeze himself into a box was a highlight along with telling Rich from our Logistics team that he'd filmed the whole thing sideways. We've had endless giggles!

- Negotiating with Mr Wong to get our camera back when it accidentally got sent to a Chinese take away store.

- Working closely with our lovely Brand team to ensure that our communications fits with our brand. Just because we're talking about sustainability, it doesn't mean we have to be boring. Instead we've tried to innovate.

Being a fairly young business, our focus in 2011 has been getting our staff on board with our sustainability journey. But, of course, we don't just want to stop there.

Starting now, we want to reach out and engage a wider audience on the things that matter to our business. And this new blog is the start of a different kind of conversation. But in addition, we've been reaching out to opinion leaders, customers and employees to find out what they really think about our sustainability story. Naturally we're not taking the conventional approach – we're making it very much a Virgin thing. So watch this space, next year is shaping up to be just as exciting.

In the meantime, thanks for dropping in and reading the first VM sustainability blog. I'm really pleased you're tuned into our sustainability journey!

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