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Richard Needham on what it was like to take part in one of our films…

14 November 2011

Richard Needham on what it was like to take part in one of our films…

Hello, I'm Rich and I work in the logistics team at Virgin Media. And before you stop reading here, our team happen to think that logistics is pretty sexy! Let me explain more… while on a day to day basis this means moving thousands of set top boxes, broadband kits, mobiles and the bits that join our network together to (& back from!) our customers homes every day it really doesn't have to be boring. We've been up to some pretty cool stuff over the last couple of years, putting the fun back into logistics and doing things a bit differently...


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I was lucky enough to take part in one of the first sustainability films the team produced, and yes I was the one that filmed sideways! However, as this year went on we felt it was our turn to shine the limelight on our team. As you'll see from the Little red box film below we've got a pretty good sustainability story to tell.

We decided early on that we wanted to involve as many of the team as possible, we pitched our idea to the wider logistics team at Virgin Media and also to our Logistics partners at Kuehne & Nagel, they loved it and the offers to be involved rolled in! It's worth mentioning that we did consider getting a few famous characters involved like Mickey, Daffy and Donald to help give it a bit of extra pizzazz but the boss wouldn't sign off the extra budget we wanted! So instead they had to make do with us! We had a pretty clear idea about how we wanted to tell our story and we thought that animation would be a great way to help show our 'sexy' logistics story. Luckily the Sustainability team agreed to this, especially as there was no chance of filming sideways!

It was a first time in front of camera for nearly everyone involved in the making of the film so understandably there were some nerves. We had a right laugh at people bluffing their lines, but the team got through it and by the end they were loving it. When you suddenly start talking to camera the story really does comes to life - we're really proud of all we have achieved.

From the outset, we made the decision to involve lots of our team in the making of the film and this worked really well, there was a real pride in the end result even more so as following the making of the film our Supply Chain team won an award too at the Oscars of the Supply Chain world, the 2011 European Supply Chain Excellence Awards. With all the success there was one bit that didn't quite go to plan though despite hours of planning & preparation…we forgot to mention one of our key Little Red Shed sites in Northern Ireland - Sorry guys!!


We totally loved the end result and we've received some really positive feedback on our internal intranet. The film also plays on our screens around the country and it's great to be sharing our story.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing our next film with you.

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