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If sustainable lifestyles were a big red box, what would you find inside?

01 February 2012

If sustainable lifestyles were a big red box, what would you find inside?

Hello, I'm Robyn and I work in the Sustainability Team for Virgin Management. I have the privileged role of working on all the things we are doing as a group to contribute positively to environmental and social sustainability. After the success of our Virgin Group Sustainability Report in 2010, we thought it would be good to make a film about how Virgin companies from right across the group are contributing to sustainable lifestyles...


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There's some really great stuff happening - from the Virgin Media Pioneers programme to Virgin Atlantic's biofuel initiative – and we wanted to make a film that brings together all these great stories and lets people know what our biggest companies are working on. And of course we also wanted to give Virgin Media's sustainability films a run for their money!

It was great fun making the film. As you'll see, the story is about a big, red box that travels around the world visiting different Virgin companies, and into which Josh Bayliss and David Baxby, the Virgin Group's co-CEOs, have challenged company CEOs to put an object that represents their company's contribution to sustainable lifestyles.

As you can imagine, the logistics of getting a big red box around the world were pretty tricky! Travelling on motorbikes and rickshaws, trains and planes, our intrepid box hitched countless rides, visiting the Virgin Media office in London, taking a dip in a Virgin Active swimming pool, and drying off in the New Mexico desert sunshine at Virgin Galactic's spaceport, along the way. It was even spotted on a conveyor belt in Brisbane airport!

And when it returned, the box was full of all sorts of treats, including screws, inflatable globes, goggles and medals. As you'll see, the lovely Neil Berkett, CEO of Virgin Media, even tried to get in the box himself!

The big red box proved a great way of getting companies to think about their contribution to sustainable lifestyles, but what about you? If you had to put something in the box that represents your contribution to sustainable lifestyles, what would it be? And of course, we'd love to know what you think of the film!

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To find out more about what the Virgin Group is doing on sustainability visit:

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