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Internships ahoy

21 March 2012

Internships ahoy

Here at Virgin Media, we pride ourselves on providing practical and innovative ways of supporting young people. And at the end of last year, we were able to help one young guy, Richard Kusi, by offering him an internship here at our London offices.


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As well as helping us to sense-check a youth programme, during his time with us, Richard worked on Virgin Media Pioneers profiles for the Innovation Challenge, and managed the £4£ finances and process.

Our experience with Richard was great, and we will definitely be inviting other young people to come and work with us in the future. I recommend other companies do the same.

Here's what Richard had to say about his internship experience:

If anyone had said to me that I would be doing an internship with Virgin Media at the beginning of this year I would have laughed and simply told them to stop getting my hopes up; not because I do not aim high, but because of the size of the organisation and level of professionalism.

The highlights of my internship included:

  • Being invited to a sustainability conference where I received firsthand information on what Virgin Media is really about, and what goes on behind the scenes
  • Joining the team on a volunteering day to help a local farm by installing a pipeline and allowing the farm's electricity cable to be connected
  • Attending external meetings where I had the chance to be seated on the other side of the table and listen to an idea be pitched to me. It really helped to prepare me for future meetings and feel what it is like to ask the questions.

Completing the internship has boosted my confidence and encouraged me to make the most of whatever I get. I have picked up skills I could not have gained elsewhere and I am grateful for the opportunity. I will definitely be applying for Virgin jobs in future.

Whether you've had a good experience as an intern or as an organisation providing internship opportunities, we'd love to hear from you…

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