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Promoting gender balance at work an update on our ‘Women in Sales’ event

16 May 2013

Promoting gender balance at work  an update on our ‘Women in Sales’ event



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Virgin Media’s Sales team recently hosted the first ‘Women in Leadership’ conference to engage women in our sales team. The event went really well and I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of the highlights of the day along with our plans for taking forward some of the great ideas we heard at the conference.

The idea behind the event was to open up a discussion around gender balance in the Sales environment and to find ways to inspire and better support one another at work. 88 women and seven men working from across different sales areas, such as retail stores, head office and call centres travelled from all over the country to attend the interactive session facilitated by Jill Youds, Executive Director, Mobile Integration and Cindy Rose, Executive Director, Digital Entertainment.

Our Chief People and Services Officer, Elisa Nardi, opened the event by setting the scene through her presentation on the Women in Leadership agenda, both in the external market and within Virgin Media. This was followed by a discussion around inspirational female role models and ideas for how we can provide the best level of support and encouragement for women in management and leadership roles going forward.

The conversation definitely fuelled some food for thought with ideas around job swaps, mentoring clinics and flexible working hours being the most popular topics of discussion. The People Team will be looking at all these ideas over the next few months and working on ways to build this insight into the way we do business here at Virgin Media. We’re looking for willing volunteers to support us with this so let us know if you are interested in getting involved!

We’ve got a long way to go, but the event was a great milestone and builds on some recent momentum through the creation of our internal Glass Mirrors (staff only) online community.

We’ve also recently signed up to the government’s Think, Act, Report initiative on gender equality in the workplace. Check out our article on this for more info and be sure to keep an eye on the Glass Mirrors community page and our website from time to time – we’ll be keeping you updated on our progress throughout the year.

Have you heard of any great initiatives for women in sales roles at other companies? We’d love to hear from you so get in touch: email us at or comment below.

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