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Children In Need, an Angel’s story

28 November 2013

Children In Need, an Angel’s story



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I wanted to say thanks to all those who called in to donate to this year’s BBC Children In Need.

For 2013, two of our centres, Teesside and Wythenshawe, asked for volunteers to take pledge calls for Children In Need. Our call centres are perfect for supporting events like these and I just couldn’t wait to get involved. Being based in Glenrothes I travelled to Teesside with a couple of my colleagues who were just as enthusiastic. It was a very early start for us but right from the word go we couldn’t wait to get started!

When we arrived we were greeted by my fellow Angels who put us to work straight away.

Across the business there had been a flurry of activity to support Children In Need; we collected cakes that people donated for sale and made sure everyone had a much needed cup of tea. It was clear to see a lot of work had gone in to the planning of this event and the atmosphere in the centre was great! Walking around and seeing so many people dressed in pyjamas and Pudsey Bear outfits really showed the effort people had gone to.


Later on we headed to the phones to take pledge calls until 12.30am. It was absolutely amazing and I loved every minute of it! The excitement when a call came through was fantastic and we were overwhelmed with the public’s generosity. I’m so glad this is something I was able to be involved in and can’t wait for the next one!

Round Up:

In total Virgin Media’s Wythenshawe and Teeside Centres raised over £3750 pounds from on-site activity and took a combined total of 6,750 calls securing £196,000 of public donation.

Virgin Media Business have so far also raised over £900 through staff lead events, with many more donations coming in from throughout our UK workforce, with activities including head shaving ladies, bake-offs, public gunging and a charity football match, with pitch-time kindly donated by Powerfield Sheffield Stadium.

What did you do for Children In Need this year? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @virginmedia.

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