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Liberty Global come to London

13 December 2013

Liberty Global come to London

Since Virgin Media became part of Liberty Global we’ve been working closely with their Corporate Responsibility (CR) team. Last month we invited them over to go through our areas of focus in more detail. In this blog, Sam Khola from Liberty Global’s CR team shares his experience of the visit to London…


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Hi, my name is Sam and I’ve been working for Liberty Global in various roles for the last 10 years – from overseeing the rollout of the first IP streaming service trials for broadband technologies to managing the integration of mergers and acquisitions within the group. Most recently I’ve taken on the role of managing environmental sustainability at Liberty Global and I’m really excited about the opportunity to be able to influence and drive change across our business.

As part of Liberty Global’s CR team, I visited Virgin Media’s offices in London a few weeks ago to meet with the Virgin Media team to get a deeper understanding into everything going on at Virgin Media. The two-day session was a great opportunity to meet people from across the business, such as the various target owners, and it was a good opportunity to share learnings with one another.

We have many common areas of focus between our organisations for example, energy consumption, waste, logistics, employee engagement and data collection to name a few. I was really impressed with the level of commitment of the various teams working together across Virgin Media to deliver on their sustainability goals. There’s a lot we can share with other markets.

After two days of sharing information and stories, I must admit that the pints of British ale in the local pub were very welcome and certainly not a bad way to end the day!

I’m really looking forward to working closely together in the future, developing our common goals based on best practices of Virgin Media and other Liberty Global teams around the world. We’re excited about working together to reshape best practices and then looking for ways to make these fit within the local context of each business.

Find out more about Corporate Responsibility at Liberty Global.


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