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Let's mix it up!

18 December 2013

Let's mix it up!

While we're all connected by our special Virgin 'spark', our people don't fall off a production line. We're a diverse bunch of fascinating people with different cultures, life choices, religious and social beliefs, colours and family backgrounds… the list is endless. I believe our diversity is what makes us interesting, dynamic… and wonderfully unique!


Karen Handley

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To get people talking about our uniqueness, in the summer, I set up an intranet site called 'in the mix' to recognise, value, and celebrate individual differences. This site is part of our wider intranet site called Tap; a social collaboration platform which Virgin Media invested in at the start of the year to enable all of us to work more flexibly together as a business. We now have an impressive 458 'tap' communities, including sites dedicated to female leadership (glass mirrors) and support to help people live a digitally independent life (accessibility).

Taking a snapshot into our recent 'in the mix' site, we have been using this to share topical news articles relating to diversity and inclusion as well as blogs, personal stories and experiences linked to our 'on the radar' cultural and religious calendar. We've had some great feedback already that the site has created an honest and safe environment to share personal views, and has allowed people to openly express their diversity, as well as creating awareness to learn about our individual differences - and with over 14,000 employees, that's a whole lot of differences! Some recent examples which have driven lots of debate, comments and questions include a personal blog on 'turn the lights on, I can't hear you' during international deaf awareness week by an employee who is profoundly deaf,  a personal journey living through Ramadan, as well as some personal LGBT thought provoking blogs.

The success of the community is reliant on people from the business getting involved, so we’ve identified a number of mixed up 'champions' that represent diversity groups, areas of the business and role levels to help us. Going forward in 2014, we are working on plans to promote the community, evolve the content and debates further. We'll share more information with you as this evolves.

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