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Through the Looking Glass

31 January 2014

Through the Looking Glass

Last year we introduced a number of initiatives to improve networking for women at Virgin Media with the aim of building connections, supporting one another and learning from our leaders.


Karen Handley

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In December, we launched our first 'through the looking glass' networking event aimed at females who are on our graduate, intern and apprenticeship programmes. The aims of the group are:

  • Connecting young women together by providing a dedicated community
  • Sharing experiences and opinions, including any obstacles that females may face in the workplace
  • Recognising young women in business and celebrating our successes
  • Supporting you to reflect on your personal career journey and development

Our first session was based on introducing the networking group concept, sharing the links to our existing female leadership network called 'glass mirrors', and also providing some thought provoking facts on women in business. There was also a key focus on bringing this all to life by hearing first hand experience of one of our successful female leaders, Helen Scott, who is our Growth People Director.

Helen shared her story from her school and family background through to how her career history has shaped who she is and how she has achieved her current role in Virgin Media. We had some great tips and fantastic feedback from our early career attendees and we're now planning a series of events to take place over 2014. Watch this space!

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