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      Inspiring good



Being a Virgin company, we’ve always had a big focus on innovation and new ideas that make things better for our customers. It’s no different for sustainability.

That’s why we’re dedicated to using our staff, our digital technology and our brand magic to make a difference for people, by developing innovative projects that are good for the future of our business, and for everybody else too.

Virgin Media Pioneers

We’re using digital technology to support the next generation of entrepreneurs. So far, more than 4,000 people have signed up to share their ideas and learn from each other as well as from established business experts to help them get their businesses off the ground.

Charity & community

We’re helping our people make a difference in the places where we operate. In 2012 Virgin Media inaugurated the Virgin Media Charity Day, unifying its teams across the globe to raise over £60,000 in a single day for more than 90 elected local and national charities.

Positive technology

We’re developing new ideas that help create a better future for people and their communities. Take Telestroke, which uses our HD video conferencing technology to connect stroke patients with clinicians out of hours, helping them to receive the immediate medical attention they critically need.