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Whether it’s connecting friends and family all around the globe or using our network to provide innovative healthcare services, we believe our products and services have the potential to help create a better future for communities right across the country.

Product innovation

We have a team dedicated to exploring how we can use our products to do good things, like our TiVo Signing Zone Collection that pulls together all signed content in one place. And we’re partnering with other organisations to explore new positive uses for digital technology, like Telestroke, which uses our HD video conferencing technology to connect stroke patients with clinicians out of hours, helping them to receive the immediate medical attention they critically need.

Telestroke has been installed for use in 8 hospitals so far and at current rates, in one year 24 more patients will survive a stroke as a result of the service. The latest thing we’re investigating is a home monitoring solution, which can alert family members if something out of the ordinary is happening at a relative’s house.

Virgin Media Business

Virgin Media Business is also working hard to make sure that our digital technology effectively supports some of Britain’s most important public organisations, like the emergency services, hospitals and schools. Virgin Media Business supplies services to 60 per cent of the UK’s police forces and 50 per cent of the UK’s fire and ambulance services and serves 1,600 public sector organisations including 250 local councils covering 30,000 sites.