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At the end of 2011, we kicked off ‘We’re all ears’. ‘It was the first time we’d followed a formal process to talk to all of our different stakeholders about what we’re doing to become a more sustainable business.


Getting out there and listening to what people expect from us is vital, especially as we focus on how to make sustainability a big part of the way we do things at Virgin Media.

Answering some big questions

We spoke to three groups of people – our staff, consumers and sustainability experts, to help us answer some big questions, like:

  • What does it mean to be a responsible company?
  • Are we tackling the right sustainability issues?
  • What are our responsibilities as a digital provider?
  • How are we doing compared to other companies?
  • Are we doing a good job of explaining what we’re up to?

We wanted to make the experience as digital, interactive and fun as possible. To find out what we did, watch the ‘We’re all ears’ film...

What we learned

The topics and issues raised by our staff, consumers and the experts were wide-ranging. With so many conversations going on, there were loads of useful and insightful perspectives to consider. Some of what we heard reinforced things we’d already started to form an opinion on, like getting a better understanding of what our consumers think sustainability is all about, or learning that the experts like our innovative approach to sustainability reporting.

In some areas where people would like to see things done a bit differently, like our role in the emerging debate about the impacts of our increasingly digital lifestyles, the steps to improve are already underway. But we recognise that acting on some of the things we heard presents some much bigger implications for our future plans.

To read all about what our staff, consumers and sustainability experts told us, and what we’re doing about it, take a look at the official We're all ears’ report.

What’s next?

In 2013, we’re focusing on getting a deeper understanding of our customers’ expectations around key issues, such as the environmental impacts of our products. We’re doing this through customer forums and through our online customer community.