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Digital technology has become a huge part of our lives, and at Virgin Media we want to help everyone enjoy the very best of it.


To do this we need to understand what people really think about the digital world, how it’s changing our lives today and what it means for the future. The more we understand, the better we can help everyone to benefit from everything technology has to offer.

Understanding what people want

We know these are pretty big questions to answer, which is why we launched ‘Our digital future’. It’s a really important programme, which took a broad and open view from a wide spectrum of audiences to help understand the wants and concerns of every internet user in the UK.

We invited over 3,000 people to join the conversation around key issues in the digital world, ranging from members of the public and Virgin media staff, to digital experts like Wiki-founder Jimmy Wales, business leaders such as Martha Lane Fox, and policy makers such as Ed Vaizey, UK Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries. We divided the conversation into three main categories: Your Life, Your Family and Your UK.

Independent research

We started our research with an independent survey of 2,000 focus group and online survey participants. The resulting Connected Britain study provided us with some invaluable facts and figures, many of which are in this report. Connected Britain provided us with a foundation to design an on-going approach to the conversation that allowed us to include many more people in a variety of interesting and fun ways.

Big Red Box

We hit the road with an interactive video booth in which everyone could share their views with Roger the Robot, Sir Richard Branson’s robotic twin. The national tour enabled us to hear from more than 500 members of the public, in 11 locations around the country. And we visited four Virgin Media sites to engage with 260 staff and gain insight from our customer facing people.

Our Digital Future website

We created a hub of activity, hosting the very best digital stories from across the media, as well as interviews with over 30 experts, polls, and advice on key digital issues. We received more than 500 comments from the public, who were keen to share their views and ideas about what they like most about life online, and what concerns them. We also took this conversation onto social media using #ourdigitalfuture.