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Let’s talk about Our Digital Future

Last year, we spoke to thousands of parents and families right across the country about their thoughts, comments and concerns about the internet in our daily life through a project called Our Digital Future. What we heard was clear: everyone’s overwhelmingly positive about the web, but some people want better technology and more guidance from internet service providers like us to help keep kids safe online.

We found out that four out of five parents with children under the age of 18 say the bulk of the responsibility for keeping their kids safe online lies with them. But just two in five parents have taken action to shape their child’s behaviour online. Many parents told us they would like to do more, but need support and guidance about the best steps to take.

What’s Switched on Families all about?

Switched on Families is about giving parents clear, honest, useful (and sometimes even fun) support to make sure your family gets the best from the web. You know your kids best, but as the name behind the UK’s fastest widely available broadband service, we know a thing or two about the internet and want to help you make informed, confident choices.

The web is packed full of fun and learning opportunities for your kids to explore. But just like in the real world, there are some things that as a parent or guardian you need to watch out for. How you manage the internet in your home is becoming a big deal for families everywhere.

Helping our customers make the right choices about the web in the home

We want to help parents make informed, confident choices about how they manage the internet in their home. That’s why alongside our parental control tools – powered by F-Secure and Web Safe - we’re also launching Switched on Families. We’re working with F-Secure on this because they’re experts, offering families award-winning protection.

But it’s important to remember that no technology can provide 100% protection from all the potential issues kids face online. That’s why we’ve also worked with parenting specialists at The Parent Zone on loads of practical ways you can make sure your family gets the best from the web.

We’re not claiming to have all the answers. But we can provide clear, honest and useful support to help. This includes:

  • Things to know – read straightforward information about the issues or hear from other families about the choices they’re making online
  • The Switched on Families Playbook – explore this interactive guide, which identifies some of the biggest challenges at each stage of your kids’ digital development and what you can do about them