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We are also excited by new ideas, and we want to use digital technology to help create new opportunities for people, and support the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Our vision

Technology is having a big impact on the way we all live, and at Virgin Media, we want to help make sure people get the very best from it.

But it’s not just technology that interests us – we know what really matters is how it can improve people’s lives. We want to use our knowhow, talented staff and that Virgin brand magic to prove that digital makes good things happen – for people, businesses and communities right across the country.

Through our business

We know that to deliver this vision, we need to think about our own business first. This starts by using digital technology to help us be transparent about making sustainable growth part of how we do things. We look at every aspect of our business – from how our products are manufactured to the impacts of our services on society and the environment - to identify our biggest issues. And we’re working hard to manage them in a way that our staff and customers can be proud of.

In everyday life

We believe that we can help people, businesses and communities get the best from digital technology and learn new digital skills. We’re learning how to help more people get ready for our digital future through open and transparent conversations about how our digital lives are changing. And we’re engaging and empowering customers to tackle the digital issues that affect them the most with practical, interactive information like our Switched On Families guide for parents and our digital skills programme, Switched On Futures.

For social change

We also want to use digital technology to improve the lives of young people and people with disabilities. Digital technology can help us channel our brand, people and skills to create new opportunities that make a positive difference to people’s lives.  We’re doing this by running programmes like Virgin Media Pioneers, which helps entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground, raising money for charities helping to tackle the issues we’re passionate about and launching new ideas that use digital technology for good.