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At Virgin Media, we know that to deliver our vision of using digital technology to make good things happen, we need to start with our own business.

That’s why we’re taking responsibility for growing our business in a way that’s good for people and the environment. Like most other Virgin companies, we trace the story of our products from where they are sourced to what happens in our customers’ homes, an approach we call ‘product story’. This helps us identify our biggest issues and we’re working hard to manage them in a way that our staff and customers can be proud of. This means focusing our efforts on three main areas:

Our operations

The energy required to power our digital network is our biggest source of carbon emissions. Other sources include our vehicle fleet, our diesel generators and the electricity used in our offices and stores. We have a long-term target to reduce these emissions by 15% by 2015, against a 2007 baseline. We know that our direct marketing is a real issue for people so we’re looking at how to optimise the environmental impacts of our customer communications. We’re also working hard to manage our internal waste more sustainably.

Our products

Our products and services offer people the very best in digital entertainment. But cutting edge technology is just the half of it - we want our products to be accessible to all and have a track record that everyone can be proud of. This means working with our suppliers to improve the social and environmental impacts of our supply chain. And we’re committed to designing products that use less energy and are more easily reused and recycled.

Our people

At Virgin Media, inclusion isn’t about ticking boxes, meeting quotas or being politically correct. A truly inclusive culture will create a working environment where everyone can thrive and this will lead to higher levels of motivation, engagement and business performance. It’s also about looking at who buys and uses our services and making sure we think like they do. A diverse workforce means we can better understand and deeply relate to our customers helping us drive innovation and deliver a consistently great customer experience.