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Building a better network

Building a better network

Find out about how we’ve made our operations more efficient.


For the past year, we’ve been transforming our supply chain to create a world-class logistics operation to serve our field based engineers and technicians. This has involved the creation of the Big Red Shed – a National Distribution Centre, in Wellingborough. All the equipment we need for our customers and network, like cables, Set Top Boxes, wireless routers and even mobile SIM cards, are kept in the Big Red Shed. The equipment is then either shipped directly to our customers or to one of the many regional Little Red Sheds from which our field engineers and technicians can pick it up and keep their vans stocked.

But getting the equipment from the Big Red Shed to the Little Red Sheds is a big job. We have to ship up to 70,000 pieces of equipment every week. So it’s a massive logistics operation to deliver the right equipment to our Litte Red Sheds (there'll eventually be 52 of them) on time.

Improving the efficiency of our supply chain and logistics through the introduction of our Big Red Shed and Little Red Sheds has helped us save around a quarter of a million miles a year!