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The switch to eBilling

The switch to eBilling

Find out about the benefits of eBilling and why we’re promoting it to our customers and staff


When it comes to managing the environmental impact of our marketing and communications, we’ve focused on maximising resource efficiency, minimising waste and working with our suppliers to make sure they work to the same principles as us. As a result, we have implemented a number of initiatives to reduce the impact of our marketing and communications, including a 13% reduction in the thickness of paper used in our direct marketing and promoting eBilling among our customers and staff.

We think that eBilling is the best way for all our customers to get their bills. Not only is it quicker than snail mail, but it’s more efficient too - people can view itemised bills for the last six months and also manage their account online. Because of this, we believe it’s better for the environment. Just think of all the paper that’s saved!

We wanted to make sure that as many Virgin Media people as possible had the first hand experience to champion eBilling and share their own knowledge of the benefits with customers, friends and family. So we ran an internal campaign to get as many people as possible signed up to My Virgin Media, where they can manage their Virgin Media account online 24/7, whether they have our TV, broadband or phone services.

We got the message out to our staff in lots of ways to make sure everyone knew about all the great features and benefits of My Virgin Media. And just like we’ve done for our customers, we introduced a charge of £1.50 a month if our staff want to continue to receive a paper bill. So in addition to all the other fantastic benefits, signing up to eBilling means they can save £18 a year.

With well over 3,500 employees already signed up to My Virgin Media, nearly 60% of our staff with Virgin Media accounts now get all the benefits of eBilling. But we won’t stop there. All our new employees will be required to get signed up to eBilling and we’ll come up with new ways to get even more people onto My Virgin Media in the future.

If you’re an employee or a customer and haven’t done so already, sign up now and start saving time, some money and paper!