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The Big Red Recovery

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Meet David Thorpe, Continuous Improvement Manager at Virgin Media, and find out how we are reducing the environmental impact at our technical sites across the country, and showing them some love along the way…


Virgin Media has many technical sites that play a vital role in keeping our network running. Huge quantities of equipment are stored and deployed from these sites and, over time, excess kit has accumulated in them. This has resulted in precious storage space going to waste and perfectly good equipment going unused. Uncluttered sites also help to prevent major service outages affecting our customers.

Loving Our Workplace is a programme launched to address this situation, with the aim of recovering all excess items and reusing, recycling or selling them. The programme also provides a great opportunity to have a big tidy up at the sites, and give them a lick of paint and a bit of love! The Big Red Recovery tells the story of how the Loving Our Workplace team has made a real success of the programme.

Through Loving Our Workplace, David and his team have so far managed to sell, reuse or recycle 42,160 items, helping to generate around £279,000 to be reinvested in the business, including equipment recovery and power savings. The power savings have also resulted in a reduction in our carbon emissions. In addition, the programme has helped to create vibrant, clean sites where staff can really enjoy working.