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The Big Red Road Trip - a film about our fleet

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Hitch a ride with the Virgin Media fleet and find out how we are working with our partners at Ford to reduce the environmental impact of our vehicles.


Virgin Media relies on its fleet to deliver services right across the country, and with over 3500 vehicles on the road, Karen Karolyi, Virgin Media Fleet and Mobile Manager, has been working on some great ways of ensuring that the fleet is produced and used in the best way possible.

Hitching rides from Luton to Ford’s plant in Dagenham you will find out about the fleet’s vehicle features, such as the shift indicator light, that helps Virgin Media drivers to drive more efficiently and reduce carbon emissions. And having arrived at the Ford plant, Area Manager Chris Woolacott explains the initiatives that help to reduce the environmental impact of engine production, such as Ford’s three on-site wind turbines.

Jump in and let’s hit the road!

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