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The Fish Food Challenge

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Watch this short film to find out about our Fish Food Challenge, which helped educate our staff about sustainable fish in our restaurants.


We're committed to running our business in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way. That's why we've been looking at changing our catering policy to ensure that we only use sustainable fish in our restaurants from now on. Our caterer already sources more British meat than any other UK caterer and provides us with locally grown bread and veg but the fish we currently use in our restaurants is not selected according to any particular criteria.

So in November, our catering team ran a trial with the support of Dan Watson, Virgin Media Pioneer and the innovator of sustainable fishing solution SafetyNet, to help educate our staff, after all there will be a marginal price increase which we will have to pass on to staff to help us cover costs of the auditing that goes along with the certification. Watch the short film to find out about our Fish Food Challenge and look out for an update in 2013.