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Street-smart streetworks

Street-smart streetworks

Meet the team who ensure that Virgin Media's fibre optic network provides customers with the best service, with the least disruption possible to our streets.


Virgin Media's network uses over 186 000 kilometers of cable to connect customers to our superfast digital network. This physical infrastructure has to be maintained and expanded to ensure a fast and reliable experience for Virgin Media customers - and this means we have to carry out works on our streets from time to time.

Because we're a fairly new network, there are still many homes across Britain that have never been connected to Virgin Media's network, even though it runs right outside their front door. Streetwork regulations require Virgin Media to apply for a permit for each and every job we do, whether that's laying cable or connecting up a new customer's home to our network.

Applying for these permits is now the job of a whole team, it take 3 days to process a permit to connect up a home. That's why we're talking to local authorities to better understand whether this process is as timely and cost efficient as possible.

We know that streetworks can be disruptive, so we work closely with our key partner, McNicholas, to ensure any work we do is carried out quickly, neatly and with minimal impact to our roads and the local community. This means having fewer vans out on the streets and using minimalist digging techniques to ensure the works are completed with the least disruption possible to our customers and the general public.

Join our frontline team at street level, as they take you on a journey to the world of cable, cabinets and trenchless digging.