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About Virgin Media Pioneers

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See how we’re using digital technology to help young entrepreneurs get great ideas off the ground.


Virgin Media Pioneers creates opportunities for young entrepreneurs to share their ideas and learn from each other as well as from established business experts to help them get their businesses off the ground.

Research we carried out found that around a quarter of young Britons would love to set up their own business, but concerns about not having the right contacts or experience are stopping many from achieving their entrepreneurial dreams. Starting your own business can also be extremely lonely. The digital world can help to breakdown some of these barriers by connecting people on a similar journey irrespective of background, location or experience.

There are three parts to the programme:

1. Virgin Media Pioneers Online – an online video blogging community for young entrepreneurs, where they can learn new skills, share ideas and connect with entrepreneurial people all over the world.

2. Virgin Media Pioneers: Spark Your Ideas – a series of events to help develop the business acumen and skills crucial to business success and growth.

3. Virgin Media Pioneers: The Awards – an award ceremony to recognise the achievements of the Virgin Media Pioneers community.

We're also sponsoring a number of Pioneers each year by providing them with a digital support package to help them get online and become part of the community.

Since we launched in March 2010 we’ve had over 900 Pioneers register on the site and also launched our Disruptive Influence: The Entrepreneur Report which features 11 of the UK’s most prominent entrepreneurs and celebrates the ability of entrepreneurs to disrupt market environments and create new rules for doing business. Click here to watch a video of the event.

In 2011 we want to grow the website further, with a target of 1250 Pioneers to be on the site by March 2011. We are also carrying out a detailed evaluation of the programme, which we hope will demonstrate that the site has achieved our aim to build better businesses and increase levels of ambition, confidence and skills among young people, hopefully, closing the gap between the number of young people with a great idea and those who are able to make it happen! To find out more visit