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The thinking inside the box

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Take a look at how we think about sustainability across the product life cycle of our Set Top Boxes.


Working to build sustainability into our Set Top Box isn’t the job of just one person, almost every team in the business is involved in one way or another - from how we design the product and packaging, to where and how we source the materials to what happens when customers don’t need them anymore.

There are loads of initiatives underway to help minimise the environmental impact of our Set Top Boxes. For example, we’ve just switched to a new type of packaging for the new Set Top Boxes that we send to customers that uses 60% less cardboard. Plus, our new Quickstart solution protects the Set Top Boxes using a foam-end cap solution that fits both new and old legacy boxes so it can be reused over and over again. We've also introduced low power modes in our new designs and our Screen and Clean programme involves reusing and recycling used Set Top Boxes.

When we asked just a few of these people to help us make a film about our Set Top Boxes, we knew we could expect great things. We weren’t quite prepared for this level of talent!

For more data on how we're reducing waste across our products, please download the Waste Management PDF or visit Our products page.