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Virgin Media Pioneers: What a year!

Virgin Media Pioneers: What a year!

On its first birthday, we look back on the impact Pioneers has had on young entrepreneurs across the UK.


At Virgin Media, one of our big goals is to help create sustainable digital lifestyles. That includes making sure that we use our digital technology to provide social benefits for people and communities across the UK.

One of the best examples of this is Virgin Media Pioneers, which creates opportunities for young entrepreneurs to share their ideas, learn from each other and established business experts to help get their businesses off the ground.

Did you know that around a quarter of young people in the UK would love to set up their own business? But most are put off because they don’t have the right contacts and experience and for many, their entrepreneurial dreams never take off. One year ago today, we launched Virgin Media Pioneers to help put that right.

As a Virgin company, we love innovation and a go-for-it attitude, so we wanted to support bright young people with great ideas. And being Virgin Media, what better way to help than to use our digital expertise to break down barriers and connect people? We’re giving young entrepreneurs the chance to talk to and learn from each other and helpful business experts.

One year on, we have over 1,000 Virgin Media Pioneers involved in our community. Between them, they’ve posted over 700 video blogs to share their experiences, ask questions and give advice. And there are some fantastic success stories that we’re enormously proud of.


  • Cephas won our Ultimate Life Summit competition, enabling him to join other enterprising young people from around the world at the Disneyland Resort in Florida. When he returned he used the platform to share his experience with the other Pioneers, you can watch his video blog here.
  • Jayesh, Ben and Uju got the opportunity to spend the day with Maurice Daw, Virgin Media’s Operations Director to gain an insight into Virgin Media’s operations and pick Maurice’s brains about supply chain management. Their experiences were also shared with the community; you can see the video blog here.
  • Loads of Pioneers have connected with each other through the site. For example, Jamie connected with Louis and they are now business partners, busily planning their new social enterprise together. Click here to see their video.
  • A group of Pioneers got the chance to attend the Guardian Activate Summit and Harriet and Sam spoke on a panel with Martha Lane Fox. Check out a video from one of the Pioneers who attended here.

Only this week, David Cameron has highlighted the importance of entrepreneurs. We look forward to playing our part in the development of great talent - we’ve got lots of exciting plans for 2011 so watch this space! In the meantime, you can find out more about Virgin Media Pioneers by logging onto the website, following us on Twitter or finding us on Facebook.