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Virgin Media signs up to Think, Act, Report initiative

Virgin Media signs up to Think, Act, Report initiative

Find out more on Virgin Media signing up to Think, Act, Report – the government initiative for promoting gender equality in the workplace.


This week, Virgin Media signed up to the government’s ‘Think Act Report’ initiative which is aimed at promoting gender equality, greater transparency on reporting and sharing best practice with others.

Launched in September 2011, Think, Act, Report, is a voluntary approach that encourages companies like ours to set goals for addressing gender balance and publically sharing steps they are taking to promote equality in the workplace. To date, there are over one million employees working in companies that have signed up to the initiative.

At Virgin Media, inclusion isn’t about ticking boxes, meeting quotas or being politically correct. We think a truly inclusive culture will create a working environment where everyone can thrive and this in turn will lead to higher levels of motivation, engagement and business performance. It’s also about our business culture and composition reflecting the values and make-up of our customer base – the more we think like our customers the better and more innovative our service will be.

Last month, we were invited to find out more by attending a Think, Act, Report event hosted for telecommunications companies that are signatories to the initiative. The event was insightful and hearing the success of other companies in our sector has encouraged us to to sign up.

Gender balance is a big and complex issue, which can’t be solved overnight. The reality is that Virgin Media is a technology and engineering business, an industry sector that has traditionally been a less popular career choice for women. That’s why the collaboration that sits at the heart of this initiative is so interesting to us.

Our areas of focus for 2013 are increasing the number of women in leadership positions across our business, attracting women into our technical apprentice roles and evolving our digital communities to facilitate networking and mentoring for our females. We’re looking forward to sharing what we’re up to with others as we go along. Watch this space.