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Digital skills for smarter business

Digital skills for smarter business

In the UK we enjoy access to a wide variety of online tools and an advanced digital infrastructure. While this is obviously fantastic, many still lack the skills to make the most of what is on offer, and to fully benefit from the digital possibilities available to them.



Through the ‘Our digital future’ programme, we’ve noticed that it’s often small and medium sized businesses that are failing to reap the rewards of new technologies, due to a lack of digital skills. Currently only one third of UK businesses are using the internet and digital tools in the most effective way – this is clearly not enough.

To improve the situation, Virgin Media recently hosted a digital skills training programme for small businesses in Birmingham. 24 businesses attended the pilot course, which equipped participants with practical digital skills to help them to grow their own businesses. Take a look to find out what they thought of the course, and what tips the course participants can pass on…