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Fuelling Britain’s start-ups

Fuelling Britain’s start-ups

Find out how Virgin Media Business and THECUBE are supporting Britain’s start-up businesses and entrepreneurs with the infrastructure they need to grow.



With high youth unemployment and a tough job market, more and more young people are looking at self-employment and creating their own start-up businesses as a viable career path. Getting a new business off the ground is no easy task though and in response, several co-working communal office spaces have sprung up to provide entrepreneurs with the office space and facilities needed to help their businesses flourish.

One such start-up incubator is THECUBE, an innovative, shared office space based at the Silicone Roundabout in London’s Shoreditch. Created to bring fast-growth business and entrepreneurs together, THECUBE provides a space for innovation, ideas generation, collaboration and problem solving.

THECUBE was immediately popular from the moment it opened its doors – so much so that with an ever-increasing demand for desk and network space, a super fast Internet connection soon became vital. And that’s where Virgin Media Business came in – using super fast digital technology to provide THECUBE with Big Red Internet – a connection with lightening fast speeds and unconstrained bandwidth.

Thanks to this, THECUBE is now able to meet demand for desk space with new business entrepreneurs simply dialling up their bandwidth as and when it’s needed. This means that everyone associated with THECUBE now has the kind of high-speed infrastructure that is usually reserved for big business, promoting innovation and making THECUBE even more irresistible to tomorrow’s Richard Branson or Tim Berners Lee.