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Virgin Media Recycle - A new life for your old friend

Virgin Media Recycle - A new life for your old friend

So you’ve just got hold of your shiny new mobile… and the old one’s gone straight into a kitchen drawer, left to gather dust with the others that have been sitting there for years.  Sound familiar? Read on to find out more about a new initiative we’ve just launched that allows our customers to make sure that there pre-loved mobile phones don’t go to waste…


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In the UK we love our mobiles, in fact, in Britain, there are more mobile phones than people. Our phones are a big part of our everyday lives and with technology evolving all the time, many of us change handsets increasingly frequently.

With around 60-90 million old mobiles phones lying around in the UK, it seems there’s been no great incentive for people to recycle their handsets, and for most, it’s too much like hard work. There’s also very little information out there about what happens to your old phone when you send it in for recycling and this often leaves people feeling that their phone, and the personal data it contains, is better off stashed safely away at home.

At Virgin Media we want people to get the very best, and the very most, out of their devices. And that’s why we want to put the millions of old, unused handsets to good use. We believe in growing our business in a way that’s good for people and good for the environment. That’s why we don’t stop thinking about the environmental impact of our products when they’re in our customers’ homes - we want them to have a low waste impact across their entire life cycle.

In 2012 alone, we repaired, refurbished and re-installed more than a million pieces of broadband and TV kit. That works out at 2,000 tonnes of technology. It also represents 41% of the products returned to us through our supply chain – up from 33% in 2011. So, we’ve got a successful recycling programme in place for our Super Hubs and set top boxes, and with Virgin Mobile Recycle we can do the same for old mobile phones. We hope that the scheme will get people thinking about their unused phones in a new way and putting them to good use, helping to reduce the amount of electrical waste in the Britain.

To encourage people to get involved, we’re offering a cash reward for recycling your old phone. And what if you could see exactly what goes on behind the scenes at our mobile recycling plant? We think you’d be inspired to give your old phone the chance of a new life.

In our new short film we go behind the scenes (and screens) to show you exactly what happens to your phone when you send it to us – step by step. Take a look to see the journey of someone’s old mobile friend is taken out of the drawer and given a new life with Virgin Media Recycle….