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A need for life saving speed

A need for life saving speed

Virgin Media Business is helping emergency teams across the North West access those who need urgent help and treatment even more quickly – something that was particularly important during the busy, festive season. 139 ambulance stations across the North West of England are now using a new high-speed network from Virgin Media Business to share information and improve their lifesaving service.


The North West Ambulance Service Trust (NWAS) covers a population of seven million people and needed to improve the speed and efficiency of its old BT N3 solution, and the new network has allowed them to achieve this.

The Virgin Media Business network links the ambulance stations with three emergency response ‘999’ call centres and two data centers – all over one superfast fibre network. Not only does this improved connectivity increase the speed with which data can be shared, ultimately it improves the quality of care given to those who need it most urgently.

“With the new improved connection from Virgin Media Business we’re now able to collaborate and transfer our data between sites and data centres faster than ever before - in just two milliseconds!” says Joe Richardson, Data Centre Manager at North West Ambulance Service. “This is helping us make a difference to the service patients receive.”

Andrew Fisk, director of public sector & network services at Virgin Media Business, believes that technology is underpinning a real revolution in communication for blue light services right across the UK. “Every second counts when a patient’s life is at risk,” says Andrew, “and we’re proud to be supporting the North West region with our fibre network and we’re excited about the innovation that lies ahead.”