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The long and winding road a film about our cable

The long and winding road  a film about our cable

Check out our short film to find out how we’re taking responsibility for managing our waste cable.


If there’s one thing that it’s safe to say Virgin Media uses a lot of, it’s fibre optic cable. We have over 186,000 km of cable in the ground – that’s enough to go around the world three times! And because we use so much of it, it’s even more important to make sure that our cable is managed in the most efficient way possible - both from a business perspective and from an environmental and waste management perspective.

Cable collection and recycling has always been an important part of how we do things at Virgin Media but there has never been a standardized process for the way we collect and recycle our waste cable. Last year, an audit by our Lean Business Improvement team identified several areas where we could improve on the management of our cable and so we began to speak to people within our business to find a better solution.

By working in close collaboration with our business planners, the procurement team, logistics team, security and risk management team and our contract partners, we’ve come up with a framework for a smart end-to-end solution. But it’s going to take the involvement of many different teams across our business to make this work.

This short film shows how we’re taking responsibility for our cable use, but it’s a story where we’re still working on the final chapter…

If you think you or your team can help us we’d like to hear from you - drop us a line on