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Switched on Families: tackling the big issues when it comes to kids and the web

Switched on Families: tackling the big issues when it comes to kids and the web

Today we’ve launched a game-changing programme full of tools and tips about parenting in the digital world. Read on to find out more.


When we spoke to our staff, customers and key opinion formers through our We’re all ears programme back in 2012, they told us that we should do more to help consumers get more positives than negatives from the digital world.

Today, we’ve launched Switched on Families - it’s all about giving parents and guardians clear, honest, useful (and sometimes even fun) support to make sure their family gets the best from the web.

Last year we took to the road to uncover the hopes and fears of the British public through the Our digital future programme. We learned that four out of five parents with children under the age of 18 say that most of the responsibility for keeping their kids safe online lies with them. But just two in five have taken action to shape their children’s online behaviour. We also heard parents tell us that they would like to do more, but need support and guidance about the best steps to take.

Switched on Families is a web platform that sits as part of and covers information for parents on all the big digital issues like who to trust, digital addition, what to share, and how to play nice online. This information is filtered by child development stages and also features videos with families talking about the choices they’re making online. We’ve partnered with The Parent Zone for expert advice on the content and we think the approach we’ve adopted is particularly innovative as content can be mapped to a child’s development stage.

We invited families (both customers and staff) to create content for families by families – after all, they’re the experts. We’ve also brought back the puppets to help us to build on the conversation we started back in 2012.

We also have loads of tips about how our parental controls tools – Web Safe and F-Secure SAFE – can be used to help protect kids from dodgy stuff and inappropriate content online.

But we haven’t just stopped there. The website also contains The Switched on Families Playbook - an interactive guide to help parents figure out what the web can do to support their child’s development, as well as the potential challenges and solutions. Parents and guardians will be able to try out practical and interactive activities such as a kids v adults quiz on digital knowledge or a fun device to check kids digital footprint.

Switched on Families is part of our ongoing commitment to customers to provide the best possible internet service. And as our speed offering increases and more and more devices are available within the home, now is the time to make sure we give our customers everything they need to enjoy the internet safely. When you team Switched on Families, with Web Safe (our brand new network level parental control solution) and F-Secure, we’re not only giving our customers the opportunity to not only safe guard their computers from nasty viruses, but the information, education and tools to make the right choices about their families web use.

This is all part of our commitment to ensure digital makes good things happen.

We’ love to hear what you think – please visit or drop us a line at