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Our sustainability strategy has come a long way since Virgin Media launched in 2007. Being a responsible business that delivers huge benefits to our people, our customers and the communities we serve has always been important to us, but in a fast changing digital landscape, we need to find even more ways to make good things happen.

Delivering on our vision of digital that makes good things happen

Technology has a big impact on the way we all live and work, and at Virgin Media, we want to help people get the very best from it. But it’s not just the technology itself that interests us – we know that what really matters is how it can improve people’s lives. Our vision is to use our know-how, our talented staff and a little Virgin Media magic to prove that digital makes good things happen – for people, businesses and communities right across the UK.

Our strategy is going to help us achieve our vision. Our first area of focus is growing responsibly and sustainably - as we chase our big growth plans through to 2020, we’re going to make sure we do this in a way that’s good for people, society and the environment. This means tackling our biggest issues head on. Our second area of focus is doing more good with digital. We’re going to use our network, name and knowledge to take brilliant digital ideas to wherever they’re needed most, and help people in the UK discover the positive power of digital technology.

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Growing responsibly and sustainably

In 2015 we’re starting our biggest ever network expansion – the UKs largest investment in internet infrastructure for more than a decade. Because we’re determined to grow our business in a way that’s good for people, society and the environment, we’re going to be focusing on all the things at the heart of our company: our people, our products and our operations:

Nurturing an inclusive culture

We want to make sure we provide a great place to work. That means building on our open minded, fun and generous culture - valuing and celebrating the ideas and personalities each of us brings to the team, while attracting and retaining an engaged workforce which represents the diversity of our customers and communities.

Developing products that are better all round

We want our products to be accessible and enjoyed by everyone, and to have an environmental and social story we can all be proud of. We also want to make sure we help our customers and their families get the very best from the web while staying safe online.

Growing our business but not our environmental impact

Over the next five years we’ll help more customers than ever connect to the power of our network. But even though our business is growing, we’ll make sure the carbon footprint of our operations doesn’t.

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Doing more good with digital

We’re going to use our network, name and knowledge - more than we ever have before - to help people discover the positive power of digital technology in the UK and take brilliant digital ideas to wherever they’re needed most. This means that over the next two years, we’re going to focus on boosting small businesses and transforming lives through digital technology:

Boosting business

We believe that digital technology can give the UK economy a boost by helping every business grow. The digital economy is worth £82bn* to the UK but we know thousands of small business aren’t getting all the benefits of digital. By providing access to ultrafast broadband, inspiration, skills and advice we can help small businesses to thrive and grow. In return these businesses will create jobs, contribute to the communities in which they thrive and help drive digital competitive advantage for the UK as a whole.

*AT Kearney, 2012.

Transforming lives through digital technology

We believe that the web can make life better for everyone. One area we know we can make a big big difference is using digital technology to improve the lives of disabled people. In the UK, disabled people are one of the most disadvantaged groups in society and digital technology has the power to make a huge positive difference.

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